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  • Our experience allows to perform all types of work on fiber-optic communication lines installing, and is fully suitable for solving the problem of data network migration from VDSL to FTTH technology.
  • We have gained considerable experience in fiber optic networks installing in the southern regions of the Russian Federation and Kaliningrad region. From 2015 to 2018, our specialists have installed about 11,000 kilometers of fiber optic communication lines. About 120,000 households have been connected using various methods - starting from the cable-conduit system installing in a general-construction way, and ending with the HDD method.
  • Engineering personnel and available equipment allow solving the tasks of FOCL-installing (fiber-optic communication lines) - both in the ground (including the cable-conduit system), and using the suspension method (including installation on high-voltage lines up to 300kV).
  • We have the most advanced technical equipment for the horizontal directional drilling, it is made in Germany and the United States. Our specialists have been trained at the plants that are the manufacturers of Tracto-Technik equipment (Lennestadt).
Main equipment Quantity
HDD drilling rig8
Vertical drilling rig3
Microtunneling complex2
Backhoe loaders4
Other Machinery24
Special equipment47

56A Radistov st. office 27,
Kaliningrad 236010,